How To Bookmark Links To SmarterQueue From Mobile

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Adding Bookmarks Using iOS

To save bookmarks:

  • Install our iOS app for your device.
  • On any webpage you’re on, tap the 'share' icon, and select the SmarterQueue app in the share menu that appears.
  • It will then ask you to choose a Category.
  • Once you’ve selected a Category, a tick will be shown next to the Category.
  • Then tap “Save to…” at the bottom of that screen.


Where To Find Your Mobile Bookmarks On The SmarterQueue Desktop Site

You can then find your saved mobile bookmarks by going to the SmarterQueue website, and clicking on  Find Content, and selecting the Mobile Bookmarks link in the left panel.

It’s then simple to click the Share+ button and create a post from the link. It’s also possible to bulk import all of your bookmarks to your Queue!

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