How To Connect Multiple Facebook Pages Or Groups

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How To Connect Your First Facebook Page Or Group

You can add as many Facebook Pages as your plan allows.

How To Connect More Facebook Pages Or Groups

After adding your first page, you can click Add a Page or Add a Group again to add more pages.

💡SmarterQueue will only show pages that you administer from your logged-in Facebook profile. So if you want to add Pages or Groups that are connected to a different Facebook profile, you need to log out of Facebook first, and log in with the other Facebook profile. Then, you will be able to add those Pages or Groups.

If no pages are shown, make sure that you grant our app all permissions that Facebook requests, including permission to publish to your profile.

Common Questions

Can I post to my Facebook group as my Facebook business page?

Facebook doesn’t allow third-party tools to post to Facebook Groups as a Facebook Page at this time.