How To Connect Multiple Facebook Pages Or Groups

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How To Connect Your First Facebook Page Or Group

Step-by-step instructions on how to connect your first Facebook Page or Group are listed in this article

How To Connect More Facebook Pages

After adding your first page, you can click "Connect", then "Connect a Page" again to add more Pages.

💡 SmarterQueue will only show pages you are an Admin for through the Facebook profile you are logged in with.If you want to add Pages that are administered by a different Facebook profile, you need to log out of Facebook first, then log back in with the Admin Facebook profile. 
  • Click “Continue as” to move forward as the user you’ve logged in as.

  •  Select the Pages you want to use with SmarterQueue

💡  Don't see the Facebook Page you want to add? Go through the troubleshooting steps  here .

How to Connect More Facebook Groups

After adding your first group, you can click Connect, then "Connect a Group" again to add more Groups.

  • Select the Groups you would like to connect to SmarterQueue.

💡  Don't see the Facebook Group you want to add? Go through the troubleshooting steps  here .
  • After clicking "Add" a pop-up will appear saying "Action Required for Group" to show you how to add SmarterQueue to your Group's apps. 

Click "Edit Group Settings" to be taken to your Facebook Group settings to add the SmarterQueue app to your Group. 

Note: The "Action Required for Group" pop-up will occur for every Group you add to SmarterQueue.

Note: If you do not add the SmarterQueue app to your Group, the social profile will show as disconnected in SmarterQueue, and you will be unable to publish to the Group until the app is added.

Common Questions

Can I post to my Facebook group as my Facebook business page?

Facebook doesn’t allow third-party tools to post to Facebook Groups as a Facebook Page at this time.