Do You Have An Affiliate Or Referral Program?

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How referrals work

Every person who clicks on your referral link and signs up will get an extended free trial. If they upgrade to a paid plan for more than 1 month, you’ll earn credit towards your subscription, equal to the price of their first month.

So if you get lots of people to use SmarterQueue, you may never have to pay for it! To thank your friends for signing up, there’s something in it for them too; we’ll double their free trial, from 14 days to 30.


Someone uses your referral link and gets a 30-day free trial. At the end of their trial, they sign up for the Business Plan at $39.99/month. Once they renew for a second month, your account will be credited $39.99 towards your subscription. So if you’re on the Solo plan at $19.99, you’ll get 2 free months!

Referral settings

Your referrals can be managed from your SmarterQueue Settings page. Here you’ll find your personal referral links, and a record of your successful referrals.

Normal referrals give you credit when the people you refer sign up for a paid plan.

Generous referrals transfer your referral credit to the people you refer. If you’re feeling generous, or want to offer an extra incentive to get customers, you can transfer your referral credits to them. You won’t get any credit if they upgrade, but they’ll get a 2-month free trial instead of 30 days. We recommend using this as an early-bird offer to get fast conversions from your customers!

Common questions

Can I give out my referral code while my account is dormant?

Yes, you can still share your referral code if your trial has ended, or you’ve cancelled your subscription. Your account will continue to accumulate referrals while it’s dormant. You will need to upgrade to a paid plan in order to take advantage of your referral credit, but any credit will be applied to your subscription straight away.

Can you apply a referral link to my account after I’ve signed up?

Yes, we can! Just contact us with the link that you would have signed up with.

Do I have to be a customer to be an affiliate?

Nope! You can become an affiliate without having to use SmarterQueue. Get in touch with some details about yourself, and we’ll help you get set up.

What if I want to earn cash instead of credit?

For current customers, any referral credits you earn will be applied against your subscription, so that future subscription renewals will be discounted or free.
If you have earned the equivalent of more than 12 months of credit, you can contact us and have the surplus credit paid as cash.

If you do not wish to use the product, you can still become an affiliate. In this case, you can request payments when you have accumulated sufficient credit. Please contact us for more details.

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