📹 How Does The Browser Bookmarklet Extension Work?

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How To Add The Bookmarklet To Your Web Browser

1. To add the Bookmarklet, go to 'Settings' in your SmarterQueue account. 

2. Once in 'Settings', click on 'Tools', then click on 'Browser Bookmarklet'.

Or, click here to go there directly.

Note: If you're a Chrome user, you might prefer to install the Chrome Extension, which you can also find in 'Settings' > 'Tools'

3. Make sure your bookmarks/favorites bar is set to 'Always Show' - steps will differ for each browser, but here are some helpful examples below. 

💡 Note: If you're a Chrome user, you might want to take a look at our new SmarterQueue Chrome Extension, currently available in the Chrome Web Store. ✨

Check out how the SmarterQueue Chrome extension works

4. After enabling your bookmarks/favorites bar, drag the “SmarterQueue+” button to your bookmarks bar.

How To Use The Bookmarklet

Whenever you’re on a website you want to create a post with the link and add it to your Queue, just click on your SmarterQueue Bookmarklet. ✨        

It will open up the Post Editor, with the link pre-filled, so you can create a new post to share that webpage.

Note: The Bookmarklet does not work with Facebook or Twitter links. However, you can re-share content from Facebook and Twitter.

To add links to your Queue while on mobile, just install the SmarterQueue mobile app for iOS. You'll be able to save links to the Find Content section, and then add them to your Queue when you're back on your computer.

And if you're an Android user, check how to save mobile bookmarks on your Android device.

How To Troubleshoot The Bookmarklet

The main issue you may encounter is the Bookmarklet repeatedly asking you to Log-In whenever you access it, even though you're already logged into SmarterQueue.

This can be fixed by altering your cookie settings. 🍪