Chapter 8: Make your Queue work for you

For anyone managing social, your Queue is one of your key ways to make sure your content is going out at the right time. Most tools ignore the fact that you have different types of content and treat all your posts the same.

We get that, which is why we generate your Queue by combining your Posts, Schedule, and Categories (content types). It’s this method of Queuing posts that lets you:

• Automate your Content Calendar and say goodbye to spreadsheets 👋

• Achieve the 80:20 ratio of value-added content to self-promo content

• Give your audience variety

• Recycle your Evergreen content

So how do you manage it?

What should I do?  

This is what your Queue looks like in list view

From this menu you can:
• Filter by account, category, type, and content
• Use drag & drop to reorder posts
• Edit, clone and delete posts
• Shuffle visible posts

Or, if it’s just one-of-those-days, you can trash the entire queue and start again!

Why am I doing it?

To maintain complete control of what’s going to be posted, and when.

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The secret to adding posts from your favourite sources in minutes (not hours) each week.


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