Chapter 11: Optimise your Posting Plan

Your posting times have an effect on your reach. Everyone wants to know the best time to post, but while there’s no quick answer, we have some tips that will help you improve your Posting Plan.

What should I do?  

Use our analytics tool to work out what has worked best for you.

We analyse the performance of every post and would like to highlight a couple of insights we offer: 

• Total engagement vs time of day/week 

• Total engagement vs category 

• Aggregate stats per recycled post

Recycled posts will have been posted more than once. You will see the performance of each post and, using the aggregate stat, the total performance of all instances of that post. 

This makes it easy to see the benefits of Recycling (i.e. total boost), and which time of day/week worked better for that post.

Why am I doing it?

Ranking your timeslots by performance means you are able to: 

• Test how your audience reacts to new posts, then decide if you want to post them to a timeslot with greater reach. 

• Connect your best-performing posts with your best-performing time, to ensure you have the greatest possible levels of engagement.


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