Chapter 4: Get your links to collect data for you

Link shorteners, like have many merits. 

  • Neatening your posts. 
  • Branding your links (incidentally increasing engagement by 34%). 
  • But arguably the greatest? Data.

It’s the quickest way to tell exactly how many users clicked on your content, helping you to make your marketing more effective.

What should I do?  

In order to learn the most from your posts, we highly recommend to connect your Bitly and SmarterQueue accounts. 

You can do that by clicking on "Profiles” in the main menu and then “Add an Account” option under the Bitly header (example image below).

Once you’ve done that we can begin to automate the things you (should) do when sharing links, for instance:

• Make a unique Bitlink, so you can accurately track how many people clicked on that specific post
• Add campaign tracking for Google Analytics
• Automatically use the post category and account as the UTM tags

Oh, and unlike some other tools… we won’t overwrite any UTM tags you may have carefully added yourself.

Click here to go straight to our advanced Bitly integration article. 

Why am I doing it?

Two reasons:

1. It automates creating trackable links, saving you time.
2. You get the full picture on how successful your posts are, so you can learn and improve.

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Fill your queue as you browse the web, by installing our browser extension. 

It’s really quite neat, even if we do say so ourselves.


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