Chapter 9: Import entire blogs

Sharing content from others should make up the majority of your posts – experts in the field recommend that no more than 20% of posts should be self-promotion. 

Often this requires going to each of your favourite blogs, short-listing the posts you like and then scheduling them individually for the coming month.

We do all that for you, but the smarter way. You can:

• Import your Feedly bookmarks.
• Bookmark your favourite blogs and RSS feeds.
• Choose to import a single post, or bulk import several in one go.

NEWSFLASH: We also attach the main image from the blog article automatically, so that your posts stands out, attracting higher engagement!

What should I do?  

Head to your content page and enter the URL of the blog you would like to import into the search bar. 

Once you click search, we will pull down all available posts, ready to share.

Immediately above your search results (on the right), you can switch import mode between Single (queue one post at a time) and Bulk (queue multiple posts at once).

Why am I doing it?

To save yourself hours of searching and scheduling blog posts.

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