Chapter 7: Never run out of posts again

Evergreen = get the most out of each post. 

Why post something once, when only 5% of your audience will ever see it. 

You could manually schedule posts again and again, but who’s got the time to do that? 

What if they were automatically re-queued, to be seen by a whole new part of your audience?

You choose which posts get automatically re-added to your Queue to be posted again (and again), increasing your reach with zero extra effort.

What should I do?  

When you’re posting content that you want to Recycle, simply click the Evergreen button (see below). 

If most of your content is Evergreen, go to your Settings page and set all new posts to be Evergreen by default.

If you don’t want an old post to carry on being recycled, just delete it from your Queue.

Why am I doing it?

Two major reasons:

1. Each time you Recycle a post, it will reach new parts of your audience – this usually means your post is seen by 3x more people, trebling the engagement you get – all with no extra effort.

2. With other tools, you’d have to re-fill your Queue every week. SmarterQueue makes sure your Queue never runs out!

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