Chapter 6: Supercharge your engagement

How’s your social workflow changed after your first week with SmarterQueue? 

Much easier, right?! 

Now, are you ready to supercharge your engagement?

It starts with Analytics, where we show you which types of posts got the most engagement, when are the best times to post, and a ton of charts to show whether the effort you’re putting in is getting the results you need.

We don’t just give you a whole load of stats, we turn them into simple actionable recommendations. 

All the information is easily presentable to your line managers, in real-time via your Analytics page, and delivered directly to your inbox in a weekly digest email.

What should I do?  

We’ve listened to a lot of feedback to help choose which stats to display, so you should find everything you need on one of our 4 analytics reports.

Why am I doing it?

Two reasons:

1. To improve the effectiveness of your campaigns by knowing what works best 💯

2. To better communicate the ROI of your campaigns to your manager/client 💰

Next chapter

How you set up your account so it never runs out of posts again. Never.


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