Chapter 10: Optimise your Categories

While we have a good idea that most social media managers have content types like Articles, Inspiration, Own Content etc. it’s also true that every brand is unique and that building it with the right voice takes time.

If you haven’t done it already, it’s probably worth your while to review your Categories.

What should I do?  

1. Add a new category or edit an existing one to better describe the type of content that you’d like to curate. Some ideas could include:

• Social memes (e.g. follow friday, throwback thursday)
• Time of day (e.g. morning inspiration, lunch-time break, evening events) or different time zones/audiences
• Seasonal (e.g. mothers’/fathers’ day, St Patrick’s day, Valentine’s, Christmas)
• Your specific content types (e.g. photo of the day, food, health, travel, music)
• Customer testimonials

2. Add a number of posting times within your existing schedule.

3. Tee up the next couple of posts (as per normal)

Why am I doing it?

Using categories gives you more control over what type of content gets posted when, and gives your audience more variety – everybody wins!🏅

Next chapter

This is the first of two optimisation chapters – our final one is coming right up!


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