How Do I Regram?

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Regram Directly In SmarterQueue

There is no way to natively re-share content in Instagram, so a common practice is to re-post (“regram”). 

We’ve built that feature  directly into SmarterQueue!

This makes it easy to find and repost great Instagram content 🙌

You don’t have to copy and paste links back and forth between programs – you can find content directly in SmarterQueue. 

All you need to do is

  • Navigate to the Find Content page
  • Search for an Instagram hashtag
  • Refine results further by filtering, or you can sort the list by “Most Liked” or “Most Commented”

  • Next, add the post to your Queue and you’re done! 
  • You’ll get a notification on your phone when it’s time to publish the post, which contains the image and caption ready to paste into Instagram and post.
💡Once you’ve done a search for an Instagram hashtag, and applied filters/sorting, you can  save it as a source, so you can easily repeat the search in the future.

Instagram Attribution Settings

You can turn off Instagram image attribution in your  Settings.

Common Questions

Can I search for other peoples' Instagram profiles in SmarterQueue?

No, Instagram has restricted profile searches at this time and therefore only hashtags can be searched using Find Content in SmarterQueue. 

Can I regram posts from my own Instagram profile? 

Yes! All of your Instagram posts can be searched and re-posted using the Find Content tool. 

You can select the Instagram profile you would like to regram from and a full history of your posts will appear. 

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