An Introduction to Social Essentials

Welcome to Social Essentials! 

We have put together this 11-page guide to ensure that you start saving time from Day One. 

But, before you take a look around, we highly recommend that you watch our Getting Started video, which gives you an easy head start to set up your account so that our platform works harder for you.

Here’s what we will cover in the next 11 chapters of Social Essentials

  1. Nailing your Account Setup
  2. Add Content the Smart Way
  3. The Pinterest of Content Discovery
  4. Get your links to collect data for you
  5. Add content from anywhere on the web
  6. Supercharge your engagement
  7. Never run of posts again
  8. Make your Queue work for you
  9. Import entire blogs
  10. Optimising your Categories
  11. Optimising your Schedule

Here’s what you stand to gain by making sure that your account is working for you

  1. Save time (over 5 hours per week)
  2. Treble engagement rates
  3. Recycle your Evergreen posts automatically
  4. Find and share great content faster
  5. Bulk import posts from CSV spreadsheets or RSS feeds
  6. Improve control over your Schedule with our visual Calendar
  7. Get your links to collect data with our auto-UTM magic
  8. Queue posts while your browse with our browser extension
  9. Search for content across social accounts, hashtags and URLs.


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