Chapter 1: Nailing your account setup

Knowing that you’re likely to take a bit of time to get everything set up and transition from your existing tools, we’ve added a feature that allows to you pause or draft your posts. 

This means that you can make sure your account is set up exactly how you want before you begin to publish any posts.

What should I do?  

You’ve got 3 options if you don’t want to start publishing your posts straight away:

  1. Save unfinished posts as drafts, which you can save when you’re editing your post(s).
  2. Pause specific Categories or social profiles. Toggle each of the green “Active” squares to paused until you get your desired mix.
  3. Pause your whole Queue. Click on the red “Pause Queue” button.

Click here to visit your Pause Queue settings.

Why am I doing it?  

Peace of mind. 

You probably already have posts scheduled from your existing tool for the next few days, so may not want any more posts to be published at the same time. 

You’re always in control; once you’re happy with your schedule, and have added enough posts, you can unpause your Queue.

Next chapter

How to fill your Queue forever with a couple of clicks – importing content the smart way.


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