How To Update A Recently Changed Page Name or Username

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You’ve kept the same profile, but changed the username

In this case, you’ll simply need to re-connect/refresh your profile.

The profile username and image will automatically get updated.

Note: if you’ve renamed your existing profile, and then created a new profile with the old username, you’ll need to follow this step, and then the one below.

You’ve created a new profile

Add your new username or handle as a new profile (using the “Add a Profile” button on the Profile page).

Your posts and schedule will not automatically transfer across from your old username/handle to your new one. 

If you want to transfer your library of posts from your old profile to your new account, get in touch with us

Alternatively, if it’s just a few posts that have already been published, you can use the Importer to view published posts from your old profile and import them into SmarterQueue for your new profile.

Note: If you have reached your plan limit, you should delete the profile, so that you can add the new one. You can ignore the warning that all posts/schedule will be deleted, but do get in touch promptly so that we can connect your old profile’s posts/schedule to your new profile.

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