How To Import Blog Posts Using RSS

If you’re importing from a Wordpress-powered blog, you’re in luck – we can paginate through multiple pages of RSS posts, and fetch up to 200 posts from your blog. However, if the blog is using Feedburner to host its RSS feeds, we can only see the most recent page of blog posts.

If you would like to import more blog posts, that aren’t shown in the RSS feed, here are a couple of ways to speed up the process.

  1. Use the browser bookmarklet – visit each blog post that you would like to share, and click the bookmarklet to create a new post from the blog. This method gives you the most control over images/text/links, but is most time-consuming.
  2. If you can export an archive of all links for your blog posts, you can save them into a CSV file. You can then import the CSV file and bulk-create posts for all of your blog articles in a couple of clicks.
  3. Find an archive/index page of your blog posts, and right-click on a blog link. Paste the link into a new row of a spreadsheet, and repeat for all links on your site. Save the spreadsheet as a CSV file, and then import it into SmarterQueue.

Find out more about CSV imports, and the Browser Bookmarklet.

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