How To Connect And Post To Facebook Groups

SmarterQueue allows you to publish posts to Facebook Groups that you manage, however, there are some conditions to be aware of.

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What Are The Requirements To Publish To Facebook Groups?

  1. You can only post to Groups that you are an admin of. You cannot post to groups that you are just a member or Moderator of.
  2. Your personal Facebook profile must be an admin of the Group. You cannot post to groups if only your Business Page is an admin of the Group.
  3. Your posts will be published using your personal profile. Facebook does not allow third-party apps to publish to your Group as your Business Page.
  4. Add the SmarterQueue app to each Facebook Group. You must add the SmarterQueue app to each Group that you want to publish to.

How To Grant Permission To SmarterQueue To Publish To Your Facebook Groups

  • To add a Facebook Group to SmarterQueue, you will need to log into Facebook as an admin of the Group, then simply click on the "Connect" button for Facebook and select "Connect a Group". 

  • You will need to click "Continue as" to move forward as the user you're logged in as, and then select "Continue" to give SmarterQueue the necessary permissions to add and allow you to manage your Groups. 

  • While there is an option to “Choose what you allow”, please ensure that you don’t remove any permissions. Removing permissions could mean that you will see a message stating "No groups found" later on in the steps of adding the Group. 

It is also very important that the "Post content into groups on your behalf" permission is granted in order to move forward. 

  • Select the Facebook Groups that you want to connect to SmarterQueue

💡 Don't see the Facebook Group you want to add? Are you Admin for it? Go through the troubleshooting steps here.

How To Add The SmarterQueue App To Your Group

In order to publish content to your newly added Facebook Group via SmarterQueue, you would need to add the SmarterQueue app to it. 

When adding the Group to SmarterQueue, you might have seen the following pop-up to inform you of the steps required to move forward with posting: 

To Add the SmarterQueue app to your group follow these steps: 

  • Head over to your News Feed and click on Groups from the left-hand pane. 

  • Then select the Group to which you want to add the SmarterQueue app

  • Click Settings from the menu on the left.

  • Scroll to the bottom and click on the 'pencil icon' next to Apps 

  • Inside the dialogue box, click Add Apps.

  • Type SmarterQueue in the search bar and select the SmarterQueue App. 

  • Click on Add in the pop-up. 

How To Create A Post And Publish To A Facebook Group

1. Navigate to the Post Editor by selecting Create a Post.

2. Choose a Category for your Post.

3. Select the Facebook Group(s) you want to publish your Post to by clicking on the Profiles' icons.

All Social Profiles will be initially greyed out like in the picture above until you make your selection. 

In the example below, we've already selected the Facebook Group.

4. Add text and media to your Post.

5. Scroll down to Post Timing and select how you want to publish your post:

6. Then choose your Evergreen settings - you can decide whether you want your post to recycle, or only post once

If you choose to recycle your post, you can set a number of times to cycle the post and/or expiry date.

Note: Evergreen Recycling options are not available for recurring posts, as they already repeat based on their settings. 

Pro Tip: Post during peak activity and engagement times for optimal results

There is a good article on when to post on social media on the best times to post based on social media trends. Some of the best days and times for Facebook from the article are listed below. 

        Wednesday at 11 a.m. and 1 – 2 p.m.

        Weekdays from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

        Avoid Sundays 

        Avoid before 7 a.m. and after 5 p.m. 

For the best days and times based on your specific posts and audience, you can use a test-and-learn approach powered by SmarterQueue posting plans and post analytics.

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