How To Post To Facebook Groups

Their documentation states that there are two ways you can grant the new permission required to publish to Groups you manage:

  1. Re-connect your Facebook Group in SmarterQueue, at which point Facebook will ask you to grant us their new permission to publish to your Groups.
  2. Manually add the SmarterQueue app to each Group that you manage.

Unfortunately, there is an acknowledged bug in Facebook’s API, such that even if you grant this new permission via option 1 above, posts to your Group will still fail.

We hope that Facebook will fix this bug in the coming week(s), but in the meantime there is a manual workaround with option 2, which requires you to install the SmarterQueue app directly in each Group that you wish to publish to.

We’re sorry that this requires some additional manual effort, and we’re equally frustrated that Facebook hasn’t fixed this issue, and is forcing manual app installation for each Group.

Step 1: Visit the Profiles page in SmarterQueue, click on the down arrow for each Group, and click “Re-connect Profile”.

Step 2: The first time you do this, you may see a new permission request from Facebook, to allow SmarterQueue to publish to your Groups. Grant this permission.

Step 3: You will be returned to the Profiles page in SmarterQueue, and may see a popup with a set of instructions (shown below).

Step 4: Click the link to Edit your Facebook Group Settings, then click on “Add Apps”.

Step 5: Search for “SmarterQueue”, then click on the app.

Step 6: Click to add the SmarterQueue app.

Step 7: Once you have added the app to each Group, return to the Profiles page in SmarterQueue and click the “Done!” button in the popup. This will reload the Profiles page, and check if the app is installed on each Group.

Step 8: You may need to repeat the above steps for each Group you have connected. Once all Groups are confirmed to have the app installed, you will be able to publish posts successfully.

If you do not see your Group in the list of Groups that are available to add, it is because your personal profile is not an admin of the Group, or you have not granted the correct permissions.

You may wish to refresh your Facebook connection completely, which may help solve any permissions issues..

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