SmarterQueue Roadmap & Release Dates

Check in here to find out what we’re working on, what’s coming up next, and when we expect to release new features. 

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What We’ve Released Recently

What We’re Waiting On

  • Instagram Auto-Publishing – we’re still waiting on Facebook to approve our partner application. It’s taking them longer than expected, as they’re also reviewing every app that connects to Facebook after their privacy updates.

Next Up

Some of these features are close to completion but were delayed while we updated the core product after the Twitter and Facebook policy changes in 2018.

  • RSS Auto-Import – automatically add new RSS posts to your Queue or Drafts.
  • Bulk Editor – edit/copy lots of posts in one go, and lots more…
  • Chrome Extension – to allow sharing specific posts within and We already have a browser extension for sharing web pages, and will soon have native retweets/quote-tweets as mentioned above.
  • Engagement Tools – add likes, comments, replies for social posts in the Find Content area.
  • Marketing Calendar – add custom dates/events to calendar, to help you keep track of all your marketing activities
  • Teams & Clients – allow multiple users to have different permissions, easily manage multiple clients.
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