Where Should I Add A Link On My Posts?

You have your Profiles connected. You have your Posting Plan dialled in. No matter what you are trying to link in your post, it has never been easier than with SmarterQueue!

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Where Can I Add A Link To My Posts? 

When you are creating the post you can type the link directly in the Post Editor as text:

Once you've typed the link in the Post Editor, we create a placeholder that looks like this; [[link]]. 

Also, you will see a placeholder, that looks like [[link]] for the Bitly link.  These are just placeholders, and when the Post is saved, these will be replaced by the correct and shortened Link. 

Once the link has been added, you are now able to access, 'Link Settings' in the preview on the right-hand side.

When you click this, you will see additional details, which allow you to control how the link will be shown, shared, and tracked.

How To Remove A Link

If you need to edit or remove the link you can do so by selecting 'Edit' or 'Remove':

Link Settings: What Is A Redirect?

If your link contains a redirect:

You will see an option here asking, "Which link do you want to use?"

A URL redirect essentially takes your URL and points it to another. You can choose to use the 'Initial link' or the 'Final'. Select which one works best for you! 

Link Settings: Google Analytics 

Next, are your options for Google Analytics. You may add your own Google Analytics campaign tracking parameters. This should be turned on by default unless you’ve changed your General Settings.

If you want to measure, or track, how visitors actually reach your website then UTM Parameters are for you! We wrote a lot more about this here; What Are UTMs?.

Link Preview

The final step is the link preview. It will give you 1 of 3 options. (Find out what a Link Preview is).

  1. Link Preview: 
  2. No Link Preview
  3. Or you can select 'Add Media'.
    • This gives you the option to choose for yourself what your followers will see when they view the Post.  

After this, you are ready to Publish! 😊

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