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Discover engagement and insight metrics with 'Past Posts' and 'Analyse Social Profiles'.

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How To Check Your Past Posts

1. From 'Queue' on the right you will see 'Past Posts'

2. Click 'Past Posts'

3. This will bring you to a list of your published past posts

4. Browse here and to the right of each post, see the different metrics.

  • Twitter: Likes, Retweets
  • Facebook: Likes, Shares, Comments, Clicks

You can use these results to see which content is connecting with your followers best.

Analyse A Social Profile

If you want to see more detail on your posts performance;

  • Select 'Analytics'
  • Then 'Analyse Social Profiles'

Then select 'Analyse Social Profiles':

From here you will be able to;

  1. Select a Platform
  2. Select a social profile
  3. Select a date range
  4. Analyse

After following those steps you will see a breakdown of the performances for your selected date range! 🤓

How Can I Find My Most Popular @mentions?

In the Analyse Social Profiles, you can type in the name of any profile to analyse. 

To see @ mentions on Twitter, you can either click on your profile or enter the name.

Scrolling down the page, you will find a list of mentions in order of which profiles have @mentioned you the most. 

You can hover over each one to see a snapshot of how many likes and retweets the posts that have @ mentioned your page has received.

Click any profile you want to see further details for. This will open up 'Find Content' for that profile, with several options to see the mentions that were received by that profile. 

You can filter these to 'Exclude Retweets', 'Exclude Replies', and also to see mentions in order of popularity.

Where Are My Post Insights?

Scrolling down the page will bring you to Post insights.

This is a breakdown of each post that has been published - You can choose whatever platform and profile you want and it will display the metrics for each, plus the option to view or even import the post, all in list form. 

From here you can discover highest engagement across all of content and learn from the data what to post more of!  🙌

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