Can I Vary My Snippets?

Sometimes you may want to create multiple Variations and switch up your Snippets!

We have an easy and effective way to do that.

By the end of this article, you will know how to Vary your Snippets 💪

Step By Step Guide

  • Head over to Add Content > Add A Post (in the navigation menu)
  • Go to the Post Editor
  • Create two post Variations, by selecting Add Text Variation
  • Go to insert a Snippet (follow the green arrow)

  • This will pull up your Snippets
  • Select, or create, the first one you want to use 
  • Click Add To Post

  • Remove the Snippet from your second Variation (highlight and delete from within the Post Editor)
  • Click Add Text Variation again

  • Remove the second Snippet from the first Variation and you are good to go!

For this, we've created just the two, but you can do this with as many Variations as like 😉