How To Check & Requeue Past Posts Based On Their Performance

If you want to see how your Past Posts have performed and be able to requeue the best ones, to send back out to your followers, we have you covered!

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How To Check Past Post Performance

If you check out your 'Past Posts';

  • Click 'Analytics'
  • Then select 'Past Posts' 

You will have a breakdown of all Posts and accompanying analytics for each platform!

On the left-hand side of your Past Post page, you have pop-out filter options to so you can view your Posts either by Profiles, Categories or types of Posts, so for example you can check out how your Evergreen content has performed!


How To Edit & Requeue Your Past Posts

If you want to edit a Past Posts it's very simple!
While you can't edit previously published examples of your Post, you can do so for future Posts. 
Click 'More Actions' ( ...) and then 'Re-Queue':

This will bring you to the Post Editor where you can make any required changes before saving and requeuing!

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