SmarterQueue Giving: Give Us Reviews, We’ll Give to Charity

You Give, We Give!

Introducing SmarterQueue Giving, a smart way to raise money for some amazing charities, simply by writing a review about SmarterQueue! 🙌

For every review you write on any of the listed platforms, we’ll donate on your behalf to one of a handful of awesome charities, voted for by our wonderful team. 

In This Article

How Can I Get Involved?

  • Leave a short review of SmarterQueue on any of the platforms listed below.
  • Email us a screenshot, or link, for your reviews.
  • Let us know which charity you're nominating.
  • We'll add up all your reviews and make the donation!

Where Can I Write A Review?

Don’t forget, you’ll also earn SmarterQueue credit for everyone who signs up via your referral link, on top of the charity donation! 🙌

Think about who'll be reading the reviews, and what you wish you'd known when choosing a social media management tool.

Some ideas for you to get you started:

  • Did you switch from another tool?
  • What pain points does SmarterQueue solve?
  • How much time does it save you each week?
  • What are your favourite features?
  • Has it been easy to use?
  • What's been the impact on your business?
  • Who would you recommend it for and why?
  • And anything else you want to share!

The Charities We Support

  • Worldwide Cancer Research - Funding research into all forms of cancer, across the whole world to improve diagnosis, and cutting-edge treatments.
  • WWF (World Wildlife Fund) - Tackling the climate crisis; protecting forests, rivers, and oceans; making our food system sustainable.
  • Girls in Tech - A global non-profit in 33 countries, focused on the engagement, education and empowerment of women in technology and entrepreneurship.

How To Record A Testimonial Video 🤳

It couldn't be simpler! Got a smartphone or webcam? Simply 'vlog' your review direct to camera, telling us all about why you like using SmarterQueue. You can share the video as an Unlisted YouTube video, or share it with us on your favourite social platform. Alternatively, you can use Loom in Cam-Only mode, and just send us the link.

How To Write A Blog Post Review ✍️

This one is of course totally up to you, as it's your platform, so your voice! It's worth bearing in mind that the longer and more in-depth your review, the likelier you are to appear in search listings. This is great news if you're using your own personal referral link in the post, as you'll earn SmarterQueue credit for every new sign-up who uses your link to start a paid plan! 

We love Pete from Do You Even Blog's in-depth review of SmarterQueue, and Brian from Woorkup wrote one of our very first reviews. Check them out for some inspiration on how to write the perfect blog review! 

How To Write Us A Short Testimonial ✏️

If you'd like to have your review featured on, all you need to do is send us one or two sentences on why you love the tool. Short and sweet! Please also include your name, company and a headshot, if possible.

Terms & Conditions

Only one entry per SmarterQueue account for each review method. If you have multiple SmarterQueue accounts you can enter multiple times, once for each account you own. Charitable donations will be made once per quarter, and details shared on our website. You can share your referral link as often as you like, to increase the chances of earning credit from referring new signups. We'll donate $1 from each platform you share to, but we'll only count this method once per platform. Blog posts must be at least 250 words to qualify. Reviews must be at least 20 words to qualify.