How To Re-Share Pins From Pinterest

Search and re-share top pins from your own Pinterest boards or from boards you follow in just a few clicks!

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How To Search For Your Pins & Pinterest Boards

1. Using the top menu bar navigate to 'Find Content'.   

2. Select 'Re-Share Your Top Past Posts' from the available options.

3. Click into the search bar, then select your Pinterest account. This option will allow you to view all Pins from your Pinterest profile from personal boards.

Pinterest’s API unfortunately doesn’t have a way to deliver all of the latest pins for a user. Instead, it provides a list of your boards and then the pins on each board. 

The way we try to get “all Pins” is by fetching all Pins for each board in turn. However, we don’t include 'group/collaborative' boards when doing this, as they can contain large numbers of pins, and from other people.

4. If instead, you'd like to view all of your Pins from a specific personal Board, simply select the 'Boards' option. 

You can then select the relevant Pinterest Board: 

5. SmarterQueue will then fetch all of your Pins which you can then sort and re-share following the steps below! 

How To Filter & Sort Content Search Results

After searching for Pinterest content from your own boards, you can use the following filters to sort your content and quickly surface top-quality posts! 

  • Use the search bar to search Pins containing specific terms: 

  • Filter by content type: 

  • Sort by 'Latest', 'Most Saved', or 'Most Commented':

Then click 'Update Results'! 

How To Re-Share A Pin 

1. Choose the Pin you'd like to re-share and click the 'Share' button

2. You can either 'Share Photo' or 'Share Full Post'. For more information on what these options mean, head over to our article on What Is The Difference Between Share Photo, Share Link, Share Photo + Link & Share Full Post?

Be sure to select 'Share Full Post' if you'd also like to import the pin's title. 

3. After selecting the portion of the content you'd like to share, finish editing in the Post Editor. 

Here you can choose a Category, select the Profiles you'd like to share to, set your Evergreen settings, and finally add the content to your Queue!

Common Questions

Can I search for Pins from Pinterest boards I follow?

Due to limitations with Pinterest's API, SmarterQueue can no longer import content from Pinterest boards that you follow. At this time, you can only import content from your own boards.