How To Spellcheck Your Posts

Spelling and grammar mistakes can make an otherwise perfect social post sound off-key and thereby damage your brand. 

While your browser may underline some spelling errors inside of the Post Editor for you while crafting your posts, we recommend installing the Grammarly extension for Google Chrome instead! 

Grammarly is a free online writing assistant that will reliably catch more grammar and spelling errors than traditional spell checking software so your posts will be recognized for their content, not their errors 💪 

Ensure your spelling is correct with these simple steps! 

1. Open in a new tab inside Google Chrome and click to install the extension and create a free account

2. Now each time you navigate to the Post Editor inside of SmarterQueue, your Post Text will automatically be checked by Grammarly! Click the green arrow to open the Grammarly editor

3. You can easily view and accept Grammarly's suggestions to improve your post before scheduling 😊 

4. Close the Grammarly editor once you're satisfied with your post to return to the Post Editor where you can finish crafting and scheduling your content