What Are The Differences Between Each Plan?

SmarterQueue offers many different plan options to suit everyone’s needs. Find out the differences between each plan below!

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Features included with every plan

No matter which plan you choose, you’ll have access to all of these awesome features:

  • Evergreen recycling
  • Variations
  • Content curation
  • Content categories
  • Seasonal Categories
  • Visual calendar
  • Analytics
  • Custom post text for each network
  • Social tagging/mentions
  • Browser bookmarklet
  • Media library
  • RSS feeds
  • Native video posts
  • Emoji keyboard
  • Saved social searches
  • Bitly link-shortening
  • Draft & template posts
  • Unlimited shared logins
  • Email support

Differences between plan levels

Agency Business Solo
25 social profiles 10 social profiles 4 social profiles
40 posts per profile per day 20 posts per profile per day 10 posts per profile per day
50 categories 20 categories 10 categories
2,500 queued posts 1,000 queued posts 500 queued posts
Advanced Importer Intermediate Importer Basic Importer
Advanced Analytics Intermediate Analytics Basic Analytics

If you need more social profiles, or increased limits, please contact us about Custom Plans and Add-Ons.

Differences between Importer levels

Basic Importer

  • Save 30 sources

Intermediate Importer

  • Everything in Basic Analytics
  • Save 100 sources
  • Bulk import
  • Import from CSV

Advanced Importer

  • Everything in Intermediate Analytics
  • Save Unlimited sources
  • Sort social feeds by engagement - see the most liked/commented/shared posts in seconds
  • Filter RSS and social feeds by keyword and content type - find specific posts, images, videos, links
  • Import sources from Feedly bookmarks

Importer Examples

Saved Sources

Save searches for social feeds, RSS feeds, royalty-free images, and GIFs; and check for new content in one click.

Bulk Import from RSS/social/CSV

Import up to 200 posts in one click, complete with click tracking and images. (INTERMEDIATE IMPORTER)

Sort social feeds by engagement, filter by keyword and content type

Find specific content in seconds, and only import the best content that has proven engagement. (ADVANCED IMPORTER)

Differences between Analytics levels

Basic Analytics

  • View reports for the last month
  • Analyse your own social profiles

Intermediate Analytics

  • Everything in Basic Analytics
  • Add and customise Google UTM parameters to links

Advanced Analytics

  • Everything in Intermediate Analytics
  • View reports for any period
  • Analyse anyone's social profiles (competitor analysis)
  • Export analytics for your past posts as CSV

Analytics Examples

Example Reports

Learn which categories are performing best, and for what kind of engagement.

Create charts comparing any of your engagement metrics over time.

Discover the best time and day to post, for any of your categories, and for each type of engagement.

Google UTMs

Add Google UTMs to links, and automatically include the platform, profile name, and category. Connect the dots between your social posts and your website traffic. (INTERMEDIATE ANALYTICS)

Analyse a Social Profile

Analyse your own social profiles, even before you've posted with SmarterQueue. (BASIC ANALYTICS)

Analyse any social profile, to learn what works best for your competitors. (ADVANCED ANALYTICS)

Example CSV Export

Get full access to your data, so you can do further analysis and create your own reports. (ADVANCED ANALYTICS)

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