What Is The Difference Between The Referral Program And The Affiliate Program?

If you tell your friends and followers about SmarterQueue, you'll both benefit when they subscribe! There are two ways to earn credit or cash by promoting SmarterQueue: our Referral Program and our Affiliate Program. ✨ 

Both programs give an extended free trial to people who sign up with your link.

Referral Program

The  Referral Program gives you a one-off credit against your subscription, equal to the price of the referred person's first month. So you'd get a one-time $39.99 credit against your subscription when someone signs up for a Business account. The Referral Program also offers a Generous Referral link, where you give a 2 month free trial, but earn no credit.

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Affiliate Program

The  Affiliate Program gives you recurring PayPal payments, equal to 10% of the referred person's monthly/yearly payments. So you'd get $4.00 cash for every month that the referred person remains subscribed to a Business account. If you keep over 5 active paid referrals, you'll earn 15% ongoing commission. If you keep over 10 active paid referrals, you'll earn 20% ongoing commission.

You cannot get both a one-time credit and recurring payments for someone you refer.

Note: The Referral Program is being replaced by our new Affiliate Program, but any signups via your Referral Program link will still earn you credit. So we recommend that you choose to share your Affiliate Link over your Referral Link.

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