Error Logging Into Instagram Via The SmarterQueue Mobile App

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What's Happening?

This is because Instagram has added a new Cookie Policy for EU visitors. 

Users need to accept the Cookie Policy before logging in. However, Instagram doesn’t show the Cookie Policy banner during this mobile login. This means that you cannot accept the policy, and therefore can’t log in.

This is a known issue that is affecting many Instagram apps, and Instagram has responded that they may not be able to fix it soon.

Fortunately, you can still log into the SmarterQueue mobile app! 

How To Resolve

Just use one of your other social profiles connected to your SmarterQueue account (Twitter or LinkedIn).

If you only have Instagram profiles connected to your SmarterQueue account, we recommend connecting a Twitter profile. Then, you can use that profile to log into the mobile app.

If you have reached your plan’s profile limit, get in touch and we will increase your profile limit so that you can add a Twitter profile in order to log into the mobile app.