Is My Content Balanced?

Check Your Content Balance In The Schedule Summary

On the Posting Plan page, scroll past your weekly Posting Plan to the grid below.

Use the drop-down menu to access a wealth of information about your Timeslots, Categories, social profiles, and Queued content.

Use the drop-down menu to check:

  • Your Timeslots per week:
  • Your content ratios (we recommend a balance of 80% informational and 20% promotional content), 
  • How many posts you have in total, as well as one-time posts, Evergreen posts, manually scheduled posts and drafts,
  • How many days of material you have in your Queue for each Category.

With this information, you can fine-tune your Posting Plan, and add new posts to the Categories that need it most. 

You’ll be able to quickly tell which Categories don’t have much content, how often your Evergreen posts will repeat, and the content balance between all of your Categories and social profiles.

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