Can I Publish The Same Post To Multiple Twitter Accounts?

With SmarterQueue, you can share the same tweet to up to 10 Twitter profiles at once. This can happen in two ways:

  • You’ve manually scheduled tweets for the same set date & time, or
  • The Queue for all your profiles aligns exactly. This means that the same tweet will be posted to multiple profiles at exactly the same time.
💡You cannot use “Post Now” to post the same tweet to multiple profiles.

How To

All you need to do is create your posts and add them to your Queue. 

When it comes time to post, one profile will publish the post as a native tweet (presuming you haven’t already published it before). 

Then, 20 seconds later, the next Twitter profile will retweet the original tweet. 

This will continue until all of your selected profiles have retweeted the original tweet.

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