How Do I Change Facebook User When Posting To A Group

  • Make sure that you are currently logged into Facebook as the user you want to post as and make sure they are an admin of the Group
  • Go to the Profiles page in SmarterQueue
  • Find the Group that you want to switch the posting profile for
  • Click the down arrow on the avatar for that Group and select Re-connect Profile
  • It will show a list of Facebook Groups available to connect. Click on the Facebook Group to turn it green, making sure you select the correct Facebook user in the “Posting As:” tag underneath the Group name
  • Click Add

💡Facebook doesn’t allow third-party tools to post to Facebook Groups as a Facebook Page at this time.

If you have multiple Facebook users with valid connections in your SmarterQueue account, and they are all admins of the Group in question, you will be able to choose which of the users will publish to the group. You should see the Group appear multiple times when re-connecting the group, with a different “Posting As” subtitle for each version. Choose the correct user, and all subsequent posts will be published to the group as that user.

Even if you have connected multiple Facebook users to the same SmarterQueue account, you can only publish posts to a Facebook Group as one user at a time. Posts will be published as whichever user was last chosen in the steps above.

What The Different Colours & Icons Mean

Connect a new Group, posting as the specified Facebook user:

Re-connect an existing Group with the same Facebook user as before:

Re-connect an existing Group, but with a different Facebook user:

You cannot connect this Group, as it is already connected to another SmarterQueue account:

When you click a Group to add, it goes green. Click again to de-select it:

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