The Run Down On Twitters Duplication Policy

The new rules – effective from March 23rd – mean that all services like SmarterQueue are responsible for preventing their users from simultaneously posting  “identical or substantially similar content to multiple accounts”.

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Duplication guidelines for Twitter

Twitter’s new rules include:

  • No duplicate or substantially similar posts to be sent within the same profile
  • No duplicate or substantially similar posts to be sent from any other Twitter profiles within one SmarterQueue account
  • These rules apply for all time, not just for a 24-hour window
  • These rules apply for scheduled/queued tweets as well as live tweeting

What will happen to my evergreen posts?

We check each tweet before it is published, to confirm whether it’s been sent on any of your Twitter profiles already (profiles connected to your SmarterQueue account). If it is a duplicate,  we will retweet the original post instead of sending a new tweet. This will have the effect of bumping the tweet to the top of your feed and showing it to your followers again.

You don’t need to do a thing – your Evergreen tweets will continue to be recycled. We automatically detect if any tweets are a duplicate of an existing tweet (published by SmarterQueue to any of your connected profiles). If we detect a duplicate post, we’ll post them as a retweet, ensuring they appear as planned in your feed.

You can use the  Duplicate Tweets tool to find your duplicates and change the wording of them so that Twitter will allow us to post them as new tweets.

UPDATE: July 2018 – We will be releasing a new feature in the coming weeks, that will allow you to create multiple variations of a post. Instead of recycling the same post, a different variation will be published. This will mean you can avoid posting duplicate content, so that each different variation of text and/or image will be posted as a new, native tweet.

What will happen to my analytics?

You’ll still be able to see your previously published posts (even retweets) by navigating to Analytics > Past Posts. Your retweeted posts will be visible with an RT at the beginning of the post text.

All Reports will still show the full number of tweets & retweets published.

Note: Twitter’s own analytics will not show retweets, as they are not counted as posting activity, so if you haven’t posted any new ‘original’ tweets, your analytics in Twitter may show zero posts. You should instead use data from SmarterQueue’s Analytics, when reporting on your posting volume and engagement rates. This will help provide evidence that you are meeting KPIs around posting frequency.

You can also use the “View Stats Per Cycle” menu option for each post, to see engagement figures for each cycle, including retweets.

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