Facebook Error: (#32) Page Request Limited Reached

This is a common error that you may see when posting to Facebook. 

Read on for what causes this error, and how to fix it 💪

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What Is Causing This Error?

If you’re getting this error, it’s likely because you’re posting poor content, and too frequently.

Facebook limits pages that post a lot, but don’t get much engagement. You need to have enough engaged fans to be able to post more.

How Can I Resolve This Error?

Post less frequently – we recommend posting about 1-2 times per day for Facebook.

Post engaging content – if you post content that repeatedly doesn’t get any engagement, it’s actually harming your page, so don’t keep posting that kind of content.

Additional Details

In July 2016, Facebook added some rate limits to prevent pages from posting to Facebook too much, if they weren’t getting engagement.

Effectively, the amount you can use Facebook (through apps) is related to how many engaged fans your page has.

So if you try to post lots of content, and haven’t received any engagement (likes/comments/shares) in the last 24 hours, Facebook will limit how much you can post the next day.

This rate limit applies to all apps that you use to manage your page.

When you publish a post through SmarterQueue, we regularly check how many likes/comments/shares it got. If you post a lot of content, these checks will use up your API calls unless you have enough engaged fans.

More information can be found on Facebook’s blog post.