Social Media Tips

  1. Follow the 80:20 rule – try to limit your self-promotional content to 20% of your posts; the rest should be value-add content for your audience.
  2. When adding a link to your post, make sure it has an eye-catching image (edit the Facebook/LinkedIn preview, or select an image from the page to attach to the Tweet).
  3. Think carefully about how you balance your content types across your weekly schedule. Either be consistent, so your fans know to expect the same kind of content at the same time each day/week, or mix it up, so they see something different each time they log in.
  4. Move your schedule around every few weeks. You may not have picked the right times/days for your content, and you won’t know unless you try posting it at a different time. After a while, you’ll get a feel for when each type of content gets the most engagement.
  5. Use hashtags on Twitter and Instagram to help your posts get discovered. There’s evidence that engagement increases as more hashtags are added.
  6. Speed up your workflow by filling your queue with several posts of the same type in one go (e.g. if you find 10 great quotes, add them all in one go). They’ll get spaced apart according to your schedule, and you won’t have to fill your queue for a while.
  7. Take the time to add lots of Evergreen posts to each queue – your queue will never run out, and if you have enough posts, they won’t be repeated for weeks.
  8. Create a post for all social networks in one go. You can tweak the text for each account, and have different images for Twitter/Instagram, as for Facebook/LinkedIn. No need to copy/paste between separate posts.
  9. Create saved Sources for relevant hashtags or mentions – you can regularly run the search to find new content to keep your queue topped up with fresh posts.
  10. Re-use your best past posts. Use the importer to find your most-engaging posts, and bulk import them to your queue.
  11. You can use Categories for time-sensitive occasions (e.g. Christmas, events, special offers). Once the occasion has passed, you can pause the category until it’s needed again.

If you have any questions you’d like answered, or tips you’d like to share, get in touch!

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