How To Maintain Login Security

SmarterQueue offers the possibility of logging into your account by using either the email address and password that you used to sign up or the login credentials of any of the Social Profiles you've added. 

While this ensures that you can always access your account, we have some security recommendations to keep in mind. 

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How To Disable Social Login

If you are using SmarterQueue to manage social media for clients, then both you and they will know the login credentials for the Social Profiles you've added to your account. 

This means that one of your clients could gain access to your SmarterQueue account by using their Social Profile credentials. 

To make sure that access is only granted for the correct Profiles, we added a new Login Security setting that allows you to enable/disable what Social Profiles are being used to log in.

Navigate to the cog menu of your SmarterQueue account > Login Security. Here you can select which Social Logins are allowed: 

You can remove login access for specific Social Profiles, allowing you, for example, to maintain this login possibility for your Profiles, while removing it for those belonging to your clients. 

How To Change Your SmarterQueue Password

Once you've removed social login for the preferred Profiles, you can take an extra step in ensuring the security of your account by also changing your password.  

To do so, navigate to the cog menu of your SmarterQueue account > Login Security. Under password, you can click to "Change Password':

Enter your current password and the new password of your choice and then click on 'Change Password' to save.