Why Are My Emojis Missing?

If you are trying to use an emoji and noticed that some are missing or greyed out, please see below for more information about why this may be happening. 

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Why Are Emojis Missing Or Not Showing Up Properly?

Inside the Post Editor, if you see a blue square next to 'Add Text Variation', this is where the emoji board is located, however, the emoji is not showing properly on your computer. 

After clicking on the blue square, the emoji board will pop up, but the emojis will likely be displayed in black and white as below: 

Your emojis will also display in black and white once added to your Post Text: 

If this is the case, then your emojis are not appearing for one of two reasons: 

  1. Your browser: Some browsers are unable to display color emojis 
  2. Your computer: Your operating system is outdated (for example Windows 7) 

Note: Though your emojis don't show properly inside the Post Editor, they will display correctly once published! 🎉

How Can I See Proper Emojis?

Upgrading your operating system or changing your browser isn't always easy, or even possible. Sometimes we have to make the best of our situation. 

Most browsers offer the possibility of installing extensions, which are small software modules that allow you to further customize your browser in many ways, including adding emojis easily. 

Simply go to your browser's web store and search for emoji keyboard extensions.

Once the extension is added to your browser, you will be able to easily add your favorite emojis to SmarterQueue, when used within that browser. 

Please see this article on How To Add Emojis To Your Post for more hacks on how to add emojis 😊