How To Get Your Instagram Top 9

Find your top 9 Instagram posts from the year and share your image with your followers! 📷  

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How To Get Your Instagram Top 9

1. Use the top menu inside your SmarterQueue dashboard to navigate to Analytics > Instagram Top Nine.

2. Select the Instagram Profile that you want to see, or select 'Connect Instagram' if you'd like to connect a different profile.

  • If you choose to connect to a different Instagram profile, then in the next pop-up, you'll be prompted to double-check that you're logged in to the correct Instagram Profile in your browser.
  • Choose either "I'm already logged into the correct profile" to move forward, or "Let me check..." to be taken to the Instagram website where you can then log out and back into the correct Profile. 

3. After you've selected the correct Instagram Profile, we'll fetch your top posts from the year and some relevant statistics!

How To Sort & Rearrange Your Instagram Top 9

1. Now that you've discovered your Instagram Top 9, click the pink 'Change Images' button to open settings to filter and rearrange your top 9 images.

2. By default, your posts are sorted by most likes with the top 9 images checked.

  • Select "Likes", "Comments", or "Date" in the upper left-hand corner, to further sort your posts:

Note: Changing the sort order will not change which images are selected

  • Keep track of how many images you have selected with the counter in the bottom left-hand corner. If you've already selected 9 images, you'll need to de-select an image before you'll be able to select a new image. 

3. Once you're satisfied with your choice, click "Use Selected Images". 

4. To rearrange the order of your posts, simply use your mouse to drag and drop them into place! 

Note: If you're sorting your Instagram Top 9 from your mobile device, then long tap onto an image to start rearranging.

How To Download & Share An Image Of Your Instagram Top 9

1. Click "Download" to save a copy of your Instagram Top 9.

2. Alternatively, click "Share to Instagram" to pull the image directly into your Post Editor with some suggested hashtags and quickly schedule it to your Social Profiles