How Do I Submit A Feature Request?

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The board can be accessed from the '⚙️' menu in the upper right-hand corner of your SmarterQueue dashboard.

Placing Your Vote For New Features

On the Feature Request board, you’ll see all the requests that our users have made for new SmarterQueue features. The entries that have the most votes are the ones we do our best to focus on first. Click the up arrow to place a vote for a specific Feature.

Requesting a new Feature

First, use the search box to make sure your request isn’t already on the board. We can’t accept requests that are duplicates of existing feature requests. 

If your request is new, click 'Request a Feature'. 

In your request, be as detailed as you can about what you’re looking for. Click 'Submit' when you’re done. The SmarterQueue team will be notified and may reach out for further information about your request. We’ll then check to make sure if we can accommodate your request. If your request makes it to the board, hopefully, other users will vote for it and we can get it built!

NoteWe appreciate all of your requests, we truly do, however, not every Feature Request will be accepted and added to the board.

Commenting On An Existing Request

If you have a comment on an existing entry, please click Comment on Feature Request to give us further details on how you envision this request working for you. It’s very helpful to learn how YOU use SmarterQueue and how we can make upcoming features work for you.

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