Does SmarterQueue Have An Affiliate Or Partnership Program?

We sure do, and we hope you'll take advantage of it and tell your friends and followers all about SmarterQueue.

You'll both benefit when they subscribe. ✨

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What Is An Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is an opportunity for companies to reward you for letting your friends and followers know how much you're enjoying their products.

Since we know how much you're enjoying SmarterQueue, we want to encourage you to share the love and reap the benefits. 🎁

And even if you're not a SmarterQueue user, if you can see how much your audience can benefit from it, we'll be happy to have you on board.

How Does The SmarterQueue Affiliate Program Work?

When promoting SmarterQueue, you'll be able to offer your family, friends, and followers a  30-day free trial! This gives them a 16-day extension on the standard 14-day trial.

All you need to do is join our Affiliate Program. You’ll get a unique referral link and website widget

Promote SmarterQueue on your website, blog, and/or social media to drive signups and get a  recurring commission of up to 40% of your readers’ and followers’ subscription value, for the lifetime of each subscription.

The exact value of the commission depends on how many active subscribers you've brought in:

  • Bronze Tier: 10% recurring commission per active subscription while you have less than 5 active paid referrals;
  • Silver Tier: 15% recurring commission per active subscription while you have between 5 and 9 active paid referrals;
  • Gold Tier: 20% recurring commission per active subscription while you have 10-24 active paid referrals.
  • Platinum Tier: 30% recurring commission per active subscription while you have 25-49 active paid referrals.
  • Diamond Tier: 40% recurring commission per active subscription while you have 50 or more active paid referrals.

As new referrals sign up or cancel, your Tier will automatically be updated.

Example: You earn a 10% commission for each recurring payment for your first 4 referrals. As soon as you get the 5th referral, you'll earn a 15% commission from all payments moving forward. If one of those referrals churns, you'll go back to earning 10% on all payments from now on.

How Do I Sign Up For The SmarterQueue Affiliate Program?

If You're A SmarterQueue User

You can easily become part of our Affiliate Program by going to our Settings Page > Affiliate Program and pressing on "Become An Affiliate".

Once you've become an Affiliate, you will get access to your Affiliate link. You can copy and paste your unique URL to share it with others, or click one of the social share buttons to share directly on each platform.  

You will be able to see some information about your Affiliate Referrals too, as well as press "View Your Affiliate Dashboard" to get more information. 

If You're Not A SmarterQueue User

Alternatively, you can sign up for an account on our Affiliate Dashboard here 👈

Once you sign up, you will gain access to your own unique Affiliate dashboard, your affiliate link, detailed instructions, and helpful marketing materials, to get you started right away. 

How Is My Commission Calculated?

We award commission automatically (10-40%, depending on the Affiliate's Tier at the time of payment) for every payment made by one of your referrals:

  • A new/recurring monthly payment;
  • A new/recurring yearly payment;
  • A pro-rated mid-cycle upgrade payment;
  • A recovery payment from a referral after they churned.

All commissions are calculated in USD. If the purchase was not in USD, we use the currency exchange rate on the purchase date, not the payout date. 

Payments will be paid out using PayPal in USD. If your PayPal is not in USD, no worries, PayPal will still allow you to withdraw the USD funds in your chosen currency. You can also choose to use the USD balance for online payments or transfers instead.

Common Questions?

1. How will I receive payment?

Payments will be made in USD, to your nominated PayPal account.

Payments are made quarterly, and only if you have a balance over $20.

Payments will be sent to the PayPal email address registered in your Affiliate Dashboard. If your email address is not linked to your PayPal account, you have two options to claim your commissions:

  1. Make sure your PayPal email address is stored in your Affiliate Dashboard.
  2. If a payout is sent to your non-PayPal email address, you will receive an email with instructions on how to claim the money by linking that email address to your PayPal account. This payment, and any future payments, will appear in your PayPal account automatically.

2. What if I don't have a USD PayPal account?

If you don't have a USD PayPal account, PayPal will still allow you to withdraw the funds in your own currency, or you can use the USD balance to make USD payments.

3. How can I track my earnings?

Your Affiliate Dashboard Home Page will show you a summary of the commission that is due, the amount that is pending, and what has been paid.

You can click on the Commissions tab to see a breakdown of all commissions, and their status.

4. What happens if I cancel my account?

You will still be able to benefit from the Affiliate Program, even if you cancel your SmarterQueue account. 

The link will remain active and payments will continue to be sent to your PayPal account.

5. Is there a way for me to participate if I am already a customer?

Yes! All existing customers will automatically get an Affiliate Link. 

You can then choose to share your existing Referral Link to earn SmarterQueue subscription credit or share your new Affiliate Link to earn recurring commissions as cash payments.

6. Who should I contact if I have any questions?

You can reply to any email you've received via our Affiliate Program, or else you can submit a message via our Contact Form, including your Affiliate Email.

The Legacy Referral Program

If you've been with SmarterQueue since before April 21st, 2021, you might have noticed or even taken advantage of our legacy Referral Program. 

The Referral Program would give you a one-off credit against your subscription, equal to the price of the referred person's first month. So you'd get a one-time $39.99 credit against your subscription when someone signs up for a Business account. 

The Referral Program would also offer a Generous Referral link, where you give a 2-month free trial, but earn no credit.

As an existing customer before April 21st, 2021, you'll notice both the Referral and Affiliate Programs in the Settings Page:

The Referral Program is being replaced by our new Affiliate Program, but any signups via your Referral Program link will still earn you credit. That said, we recommend that you choose to share your Affiliate Link over your Referral Link.