Instagram: The Requested Resource Does Not Exist

Update: December 14th, 2021

Our team was able to identify a workaround for direct publishing without the error message "The requested resource does not exist" being returned. 

The workaround was successfully released and we're no longer seeing the error message. 

Initial Issue

Since 6th November 2021, we've been seeing Instagram Direct Publish post failures, with the error message "The requested resource does not exist".

We reported this issue to Facebook quickly after that. The issue appears to be a new and temporarily intermittent Instagram API error with image uploads. This means that it is unfortunately beyond our control.

We also noted that other organizations have commented on our error report to say that they too are experiencing the same problem.

Until they resolve the issue, you may find some/all of your Instagram Direct Publish posts fail to be published. 

If the issue does affect you, as a workaround, we recommend that you disable direct publishing from your Profiles section and push all content via the SmarterQueue Mobile App

We apologize that we're not able to do anything ourselves, and hope that Facebook/Instagram can fix this problem soon.