Known Issues

Current Issues

August 2nd 2021

The latest version of the Instagram app on Android is unable to open images when posting to a Story. You will see a black screen where the image would normally appear. Here are some workarounds until they fix their app:

  • Download an older version of the Instagram app to your Android device (from - v191 definitely works.

  • If you have access to an iPhone or iPad, you can use our iOS app to publish Instagram stories

  • Use your laptop to post Stories - follow the instructions at to create Stories from your browser. You can right-click and save the image from the Post Preview in SmarterQueue's Past Posts or Queue, and copy any text to clipboard too.

  • Save the image to the camera roll on your Android device. The easiest way may be to log into on your android device's browser, preview the story in your Past Posts after receiving a notification, and download the image to your camera roll. Then you can copy any text to clipboard, to paste when creating the story. You can still open the post notification from our Android app, and when you click "Post to Instagram" it will copy any text to your clipboard, so that can save you a step.

The Instagram Android app also does not request the necessary permissions if you try to publish to a Story before publishing to your Feed. You may need to click "post to Feed" first, and grant all the permissions, and then it will request further permissions when you select to post to "Story".