Known Issues

Current Issues

  • 13th March 2019 - Facebook and Instagram are down worldwide. This will cause scheduled posts to fail until the platforms fix the issue.
  • 11th December 2018 – Instagram has removed the ability to search for hashtags. This is something they may not make available again, so we are looking into alternatives to help you find hashtags.
  • 10th December 2018 – Facebook's API is currently experiencing problems when searching for Facebook pages. This affects three parts of SmarterQueue:
    - Tagging pages in a post
    - Analysing a Facebook Page that is not connected
    - Finding Content from a Facebook Page
    This issue is being worked on by Facebook, and we hope they will fix it soon.

Fixed Issues

  • 31st July 2018 – Facebook has just changed how Groups are managed. There is a documented bug that prevents posts from being published until you manually add an app in each Group. Read more about the workaround.
  • 25th May 2018 – As a result of Instagram’s website changes due to GDPR, it’s not currently possible for users to log into the SmarterQueue mobile app on Android using your Instagram profile. This is because they’ve added a Cookie Policy, but don’t let you accept the policy during the login flow. You should instead login with one of your other social profiles connected to your SmarterQueue account (Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn). More details can be found in this article.
  • 4th April 2018 – As a result of the Cambridge Analytica news story, Facebook has suddenly restricted parts of its Facebook and Instagram APIs, to help maintain user privacy. As a result, you cannot currently lookup Instagram or Facebook profiles. This affects the following SmarterQueue functionality:
    • Find Content
      • View Instagram posts you have liked
      • View posts from other people’s Instagram profiles
      • Search for a Facebook Page by name (though you can still find posts by pasting a Facebook Page URL)
    • Analyse a Social Profile
      • Analyse other people’s Instagram Profiles
      • Search for a Facebook Page by name (you can still analyse a Facebook Page by pasting its URL)
    • Post Editor
      • Look up Instagram usernames to mention (you can still type @usernames manually)
      • Tag Facebook Pages (if you know the Facebook URL of a page, you can use the @PageName from the URL to tag the page)
    • These changes affect all Facebook tools. We will update here as we find out more – we expect some level of access may return in the future.
    • We are doing everything possible to restore functionality as soon as Facebook permits.
  • 4th April 2018 – 6th April 2018 – As a result of Facebook’s privacy changes, third party apps were not able to publish to Facebook Groups. As a trusted partner, we received pre-approval on 6th April, so full Groups functionality has been restored.
  • 21st March 2018 – 22nd March 2018 – Facebook page icons were not loading correctly. You would see the name of your page instead of the picture, and the layout may be broken as a result.
  • 27th February 2018 – 20th March 2018 – Facebook had a bug with their search, meaning it wasn’t possible to tag Facebook pages in posts, nor to search for Facebook Pages in the importer.
  • 23rd January 2018 – 10th February 2018 – Instagram’s latest iOS app update (v 29.0) had a bug which prevented your scheduled photo from being opened via our iOS app. 
  • 29th January 2018 – 1st February 2018 – Posting an image to a Facebook Group will fail with the error “Invalid parameter – The album is no longer available – Try to create a new album”. 
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