How To Schedule Content As You Browse On Your Android Device

1. Enable Javascript on the device

  • Go to your Chrome Mobile browser and select the three dots in the upper right corner

  • Go to your Site Settings and make sure that Javascript is enabled/allowed

2. Navigate to any URL in your browser, and create a temporary bookmark

3. Reamining on the URL, select the Bookmark icon again to edit it, titling it SmarterQueue+ (or whatever you’d like the Bookmarklet to be called)

4. Copy the Bookmarklet javascript code in bold below

*From your device, press and hold to select-all and copy only the code here:


5. Go back to your browser and edit your temporary bookmark (if you've closed the site you were on before, you should find the bookmark in Mobile bookmarks) 

6. Click on the address and delete it. Paste the bookmarklet javascript. 

How To Use The Bookmarklet On Your Android Device To Share Content

7. Now when you find a web page you'd like to share inside Chrome mobile, tap the address bar and start typing the name of the SmarterQueue Bookmarklet as you previously saved it. As you start typing, suggestions will be pulled from the web as well as from your local bookmarks. Look for an entry that is “starred” and has an address that begins with “javascript” – this is the Bookmarklet and you can tap to run it against the current page. 

8. Find and tap your SmarterQueue Bookmarklet - this will open the Post Editor inside SmarterQueue with your link pre-loaded to create a post.

💡 If your Chrome desktop browser is synced with your Android device, then you may find it easier to create the Bookmarklet on your deskop before accessing and using it on your mobile device.