Can I Add SmarterQueue Bookmarklet To My iPhone?

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Using the bookmarklet on your iPad

You can use the SmarterQueue bookmarklet on your iPad using the Safari app. Once added, this will let you create a post from any website you visit. To do this, it requires adding the bookmarklet to the Favorites bar in the Safari app on your iPad. There are two ways to do this:

Sync with Desktop

If your Favourites bar on your desktop automatically syncs to your Favourites bar on your Safari app on your iPad, you can just visit our Extension/Bookmarklet page on your desktop browser and drag-and-drop the bookmarklet onto your Favourites bar. It should then show up on your Safari app on your iPad.

Add directly to iPad

If your bookmarks bar does not automatically sync to your tablet, you’ll need to add the bookmarklet directly to your iPad. Here are the steps to add the bookmarklet to Safari on your iPad:

  • Go to the Safari app on your iPad.
  • Add any website to your Favorites bar. (Don’t worry which website – we’re going to edit this anyway!)
  • Click the Favorites button (an open book icon).
  • A left menu should display now. Make sure you navigate to “Favorites” inside that menu.
  • Click Edit at the bottom right.
  • Find the bookmark that you just added and click on it.
  • Change the name to whatever you’d like. Perhaps “SmarterQueue+”
  • Then copy this code and paste it into the web address field:
  • javascript:(function(){!function(){var%20e=document.getElementsByTagName(%22head%22)[0],t=document.createElement(%22script%22);t.type=%22text/javascript%22,t.src=%22//“.$arr_config[‘domain’].“/js/share.js%3F%22+Math.floor(99999*Math.random()),e.appendChild(t)}()})();
  • Hit Done.

Now you should be able to visit any website and tap the “SmarterQueue+” bookmarklet in the Safari app and share it directly to SmarterQueue.

💡Make sure Javascript is enabled
  • On your iPad, go to Settings and click on Safari
  • Scroll down to Advanced
  • Make sure Javascript is on

Using the bookmarklet on your iPhone

You can use the SmarterQueue app to save links on your iPhone.

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