How To Save Mobile Bookmarks On Your iOS Device

Use the SmarterQueue bookmarklet from both your iPad and your iPhone to save content while you browse online! 💪 Learn how to use the bookmarklet on your Android here.

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How To Save Mobile Bookmarks Using Your iOS Device

To save bookmarks on your iPhone or iPad:

1. Install our iOS Mobile App on your device

2. Connect your SmarterQueue account to the Mobile App by logging in 

3. When browsing online inside your web browser (likely Safari), tap the 'share' icon while on the page you'd like to bookmark

4. Select the SmarterQueue Mobile App in the share menu that appears 

Note: If you don't see the SmarterQueue Mobile App as an option, you may need to click 'More' and then toggle sharing on for SmarterQueue. 

5. Choose a Category for your bookmarked page by tapping on the Category name. You'll see a checkmark appear that indicates the Category you've selected

6. Next, click 'Save to [Your Category's Name]' at the bottom of the screen

Your bookmark is now saved! You can now access the sites you've saved inside your SmarterQueue account to schedule and plan your posts using the steps below 💪  

How To Find And Share Your Mobile Bookmarks Using The SmarterQueue Web Dashboard

To find your saved mobile bookmarks:

7. Log into your SmarterQueue account on the desktop website.

8. Navigate to Find Content, and selecting the 'Mobile Bookmarks' link on the left panel.

9. To share your saved bookmark, simply click the Share+ on your link! The Post Editor will open with your link automatically added so you can finish editing your Post and save it to your Queue. 

You can also bulk import all of your bookmarks to your Queue by switching the 'Import Mode' to 'Bulk'