What Will My Video Thumbnail Look Like After Publishing?

If you are sharing a video to a social platform, the auto-play functionality and the look of your video's thumbnail could change, depending on the particular platform.

The default video thumbnail that is shown in your Queue is the first frame of the video. 

Note: If the first frame of your video is blank, your thumbnail will be too.

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When Will My Video Thumbnail Appear?

  • Your audience will see the thumbnail on the Twitter Card if the video is too long to post as a native Twitter Video (over 140 seconds)
  • The thumbnail is also shown when posting on LinkedIn

How Will My Video Thumbnail Look?

When a video is shared natively to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn they show the first frame as a preview thumbnail.  

Will My Video Auto-Play?

  • Your video will play automatically on Facebook, if the resolution is between 1:4 and 4:1, and less than 40 minutes long
  • Videos also auto-play on Twitter when the video is less than 140 seconds long
  • Videos will auto-play on LinkedIn so long as the viewer has not disabled the feature in their LinkedIn settings