What Will My Video Thumbnail Look Like After Publishing?

When Will My Video Thumbnail Appear?

  • Your audience will see the thumbnail on the Twitter Card if the video is too long to post as a native Twitter Video (over 140 seconds)
  • The thumbnail is also shown when posting to LinkedIn, where the video is posted as a link, with a preview image and video title for personal profiles

How Will My Video Thumbnail Look?

When a video is shared natively to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn they show the first frame as a preview thumbnail.  

Will My Video Auto-Play?

  • Your video will play automatically on Facebook, if the resolution is between 1:4 and 4:1, and less than 40 minutes long
  • Videos also auto-play on Twitter when the video is less than 140 seconds long
  • Videos will auto-play on LinkedIn so long as the viewer has not disabled the feature in their LinkedIn settings