How To Post Or Share A Video

Share A Video File From Your Computer

In the Post Editor or Bookmarklet, you’ll see a section where you can Add media.

Either drag and drop the video file into the upload box. Or, select the video file on your computer.

Your video will begin to upload.

Then, you can customise your post as usual.

Share A Video From My Media In The Post Editor

In the Post editor or Bookmarklet, you’ll see a button to Add media.

Select My Media.

Here, you’ll see all of the videos you’ve used before. Click the video to preview it

In the video preview, click Add to Post.

Share A Video From My Media Via Find Content

On the Find Content page, select My Media.

Here, you’ll see all of the videos you’ve used before. Click the video to preview it.

In the video preview, choose Share.

SmarterQueue will create a new post with your chosen video that you can customise as usual.

What Happens After My Video Uploads?

After the video is uploaded, you can finish editing your post, and then save it. We’ll then start processing the video. 

Videos need to be processed after they’re uploaded, to make sure they’re in the correct format for social sharing.

When a video has finished uploading into the Post Editor, you’ll see a brief notification that “The video will start processing after you save the post”. 

This has two benefits

  1. You don’t need to wait around while the video is processed; you can save the post to your Queue without waiting. 
  2. Once the video has finished processing, you will be able to preview it from your Queue.

You’ll see a film-hourglass image as the thumbnail until you’ve saved the post and the video has been processed. 

Here you also have the option to remove the video if needed and give the video a title.  

Video titles appear when videos are played full screen on Facebook, as the link preview title on LinkedIn, and as the title in the Twitter Player card when videos are longer than 140 seconds)

Once your post is saved, we start processing the video on our servers. The processing may take seconds to minutes, depending on the size/length of the video. 

Currently, we check once per minute to see if the video processing is complete. So even if you upload a really short video, it may take up to a minute before the video thumbnail appears in the Queue. 

Once the video has finished being processed, the preview will appear when you next refresh the Queue.

You will not be able to "Post Now" before the video has finished processing. If you try this, you will see this warning "The video is still being processed. The post has been saved as a draft. Please try again later."

You will need to wait for the video to finish processing, and can then edit the draft post and choose to "Post Now".

You can still edit your post while the video is processing. When you edit an existing video that has completed processing, we show a thumbnail of the first frame of the video, along with the final video resolution and video duration, on the lower part of the thumbnail. 

You can click on the video preview in the Queue, or in the post editor, to see a full-screen preview of your video.

Common Questions

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