Can I Pause Or Stop My Queue?

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Pause Settings

Access your Pause options from your SmarterQueue Settings - Pause Queue page. 

Or, from your Queue page, click the red ' Pause Queue' button in the top right-hand corner to be taken to your pause settings. 

Additionally, at the top left of your Posting Plan, there is a link to access your Pause options too.

Note: Clicking the red 'Pause Queue' button will not pause your Queue immediately - it will take you to your pause settings.

Select the red 'Pause All Publishing' button to pause your entire Queue (all Categories and Profiles).

If you want granular control over which Categories or Profiles you want to Pause, you can use the grid lower down on the Pause Queue page.

Click Pause beside one of the rows in the table to pause that Category across all of your social profiles. Or, click Pause at the top of a column to pause all Categories for a specific Profile.

You can also click Pause on a specific Category and Profile, which will only pause posts in that specific Category for that Profile.

With the  Seasonal Categories feature, you can now have Categories automatically pause and un-pause on specific dates each year.

How Do All Of The Pause Settings Fit Together?

You have 3 levels of control for pausing your posts, and they are applied in this order:

  1. Pause your whole Queue - there's a big button on the Settings > Pause Queue page, which lets you stop EVERYTHING. If the whole Queue is paused, no posts will be published.
  2. Seasonal Categories - you can define when a Category should be paused, and when it should be active. If a Category is not In Season, no posts will be published.
  3. Pause an individual profile/category - from the grid on the Settings > Pause Queue page. If an individual profile/category is Paused, no posts will be published.
  4. You can pause an individual profile while a Seasonal Category is In Season, but you cannot force an individual profile to be active while a Seasonal Category is Out of Season.The grid above shows all of the possible pause states that you can have. This snapshot was taken during October, which is why the October Category is In Season, and the December Category is Out of Season.

How Can I Tell If My Queue Is Paused?

If you’ve paused your entire Queue, you’ll see a red message at the top of your Queue, as well as a warning in the right-hand Info pane.

You’ll also see a red Paused notice on each post that is paused. When you see this, that means your post will not be published at its scheduled time.

Can I Pause Individual Posts Without Pausing The Entire Queue?

You can mark the post as Draft, which will keep it in the Drafts section, and prevent the post from being published.

At this time we don’t have the ability to pause posts on an individual level.

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