Can I Schedule An Unpublished Wordpress Blog Post?

If you want to add a link to a Wordpress blog post that has not been published yet, your Link Previews may vary slightly. 

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How Will My Post Look Inside SmarterQueue?

When you add a link inside the Post Editor, to an unpublished Wordpress blog post, SmarterQueue will not be able to generate a Link Preview, as the image is not live on the web yet. 

You will see a link, without a Link Preview, in your Queue, along with your caption/post text. 

How Will My Post Look Once It Publishes To Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest?

As long as your WordPress Post has been successfully published by the time SmarterQueue pushes the post, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest will create the correct Link Preview for your followers.

Facebook and Twitter do not fetch the Link Preview until the post is published, so you can edit your photo right up until the article is published.

How Will My Post Look Once It Publishes To LinkedIn?

LinkedIn will fetch a Link Preview when you create your post inside SmarterQueue. 

You may then edit the Preview text and image in the Link Settings of the SmarterQueue Post Editor, if you wish to ensure things look correct before publishing.

1. Navigate to the Post Editor inside SmarterQueue 

2. On the right-hand pane, click 'Link Settings' 

3. Scroll down to view and edit the 'Link Preview' section. Here you can edit the text and upload a new image if you'd like