How Can I Find Out If I Am An Admin On Facebook And LinkedIn?

If you cannot locate your Facebook Group, Facebook Page, or LinkedIn Company when you go to connect Profiles in SmarterQueue, you may need to confirm you are an admin!

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How To Check If You're An Admin On Facebook

Facebook Page

  • Navigate to the Facebook page
  • Click "Settings" on the left-hand side
    • Note: If you still can't navigate to settings, then you are not an admin!

  • Click "Page Roles" on the left-hand side menu

  • Scroll down to "Existing Page Roles"
  • Your profile should show up as an admin

If you cannot complete these steps, then you are not an admin of the Facebook Page. ðŸ°

Facebook Group

  • Navigate to the Facebook Group
  • Click "Members" in the menu under the group's name

  • Your profile should show up under "Admins"
  • Click the "..." 3 dots next to your profile
  • The option "Remove as Admin" should show up
    • Note: Please, don't click to remove yourself as an Admin, this is just necessary to verify that you are an admin 😊

How To Check If You're An Admin On LinkedIn

  1. Click the 'Me' icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.
  2. Below 'Manage', you can see the correct Page. You’ll be directed to the Page tab of your admin center.