Why Can't I Add My Personal Facebook Profile?

  • Since 19th July 2018, you can no longer connect a new Facebook Profile in SmarterQueue.
  • Since 30th July 2018 you can no longer publish posts to existing Facebook Profiles that are already connected to your SmarterQueue account.

You are able to connect and publish to Facebook Pages and Groups.

This policy change was part of a wider campaign by Facebook, not only to prevent users’ personal information from being collected by third-party organisations, but also to discourage the misuse of personal accounts for business purposes. Over time, we believe this change has had an overall positive effect for all Facebook users (businesses included).

If you want to schedule posts to your existing Facebook Profile you may wish to consider converting it to a Facebook Page. Facebook continues to support tools that offer scheduling and analytics for Pages and Groups, and you may find that a Facebook Page is now better suited to your needs.

Common Questions

Will Facebook be reinstating access to Facebook Profiles, as they did with Groups?

When Facebook initially announced the removal of Groups from their API, this appeared to be final, however they later announced a new Groups API with support for publishing to Groups. While this may turn out to be the case for Personal Profiles too, so far there is no suggestion that they would allow tools to publish to Personal Profiles in the future . If this changes we will inform our users immediately.

Can any other tools publish to Facebook Profiles?

No – as of the end of July 2018, Facebook stopped all third party tools from publishing to a Facebook Profile.

Will this affect social login, or connecting Pages/Groups?

No, this only affects publishing to a personal profile. Facebook has set up their business so that everything is managed via your personal Facebook account – social login, managing pages and groups. You will still be able to log into SmarterQueue with your Facebook account, and you can only connect Pages or Groups via your (personal) Facebook account. You will still be asked for permission to connect your Facebook account to SmarterQueue as part of the initial Facebook connection, as we need that permission in order to get the list of Pages and Groups that you manage.

Is there any way to keep scheduling to my Facebook Profile?

No tools will allow you to schedule posts to your Facebook Profile. The best solution is to convert the Profile to a Page, after which you will still be able to schedule posts with SmarterQueue.

Why would I change my Facebook Profile to a Page?

If you are using a Facebook Profile to represent a business, instead of for personal use, you may find it more appropriate to convert it to a Facebook Page. This will allow you to continue using SmarterQueue to schedule your posts, as well as get access to Facebook’s wider range of tools designed for business success.

Will I still have access to my old personal profile posts in SmarterQueue?

Yes, anything published before 30th July 2018 will still be visible in your Past Posts, as well access Analytics and Reports for published posts.

If I convert my Personal Profile to a Page, will SmarterQueue transfer my posts?

Once you have set up your new Facebook Page, get in touch with details about your profile, and new page, and we will transfer your posts across for you.

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