How To Solve Android Instagram Notifications Not Working

If you are not receiving notifications on your Android App then we have a quick process to try out to get everything back working! 😊

Note: Keep in mind that your Android device could have a different look or menu structure. If that's the case, try to look for steps applicable to your phone on how to clear data and turn off battery optimization for the SmarterQueue app on your device. 

Step By Step Instructions

1. Go to your device's main Android Settings. 

2. Go to 'Apps'.

3. Find 'SmarterQueue' from the list of apps and click it. 

4. Go to 'Storage'. 

5. Click 'Clear data' and confirm. 

6. Relaunch the SmarterQueue Mobile App, log in, go through the usual steps, and try again.

If you are still encountering this, then it is possible that you are experiencing something related to the Battery Optimization Mode on your device.

1. Go into settings, search for 'Apps' and click on it. 

2: Once inside 'Apps,' hit the three dots on the upper right corner, go into 'Special access'.

3: Once inside 'Special access', go to 'Optimize battery usage'.

4: From here, tap on the drop-down menu saying that says 'Apps not optimized' and switch to 'All'.

5: Once all your phone's apps are shown, find the apps for which  you want to receive notifications as they come through, and tap on the switch to turn it OFF.

This will restore those notifications and let you get back to what matters most: publishing your content!